the app that keep you hydrated

Do you always forget to drink water regularly? Are you in good shape? Our Aquabro water bottle and hydration reminder app help you lose weight, cleanse your skin and prevent certain illnesses

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the app that keep you hydrated

The water intake is super important! Daily hydration keeps you in shape and fit. Cleanses your skin, prevent acne and other skin issues. Helps prevent kidney stones and keeps nails healthy. Our hydration mobile app reminds you to drink throughout the day. 1500 disposable water bottles are consumed every second! We must stop this! By purchasing our Aquabro water bottle you are helping our planet to reduce the plastic pollution worldwide.


Leak proof and impact Resistant


No more unscrewing with our one touch lid opening. Heavy duty silicon ring seals the lid and features also locking clasp so you are absolutely safe from water leaking all over your things.


Made from the highest quality BPA Free premium material – Tritan Plastic. It guarantees our Aquabro Water Bottle has no plastic taste which saves the flavor of your drink inside. The heavy duty plastic makes the water bottle also impact resistant!


We created Aquabro water bottle with large capacity so there is no need of countless refilling the water bottle throughout the day. 34 oz (1 Litre) is the perfect bottle capacity for your daily needs.


You can enjoy a tasty fruit infusion. Suitable for the gym, swimming pool, office, school and outdoor activities like running, hiking, cycling, etc.

You save 1,460 plastic bottles per year by using our reusable water bottle. While you may toss your reusable water bottle eventually - since nothing lasts forever - you’re far more likely to see plastic bottles piling up in a landfill. Each taking hundreds of years to decompose, in the United States, 38 billion water bottles end up in landfills each year.

Personalized hydration mobile app

Based on the weight and height, the app calculates the amount of water your body needs per day..Also send you notifications everytime your body need to be hydrated.

Display of Daily Water Needed
Display of Daily Water Needed

Interactive way to track your daily water intake, based on your sex, activity and weight. Never forget to hydrate your self anymore with our App!


Hourly records of your intake

Choose from different portions
Choose from different portions

Push to Drink
Push to Drink

Just push the drop and app will know that you drink

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Best bottle I have ever had

This is really an excellent quality motivational water bottle. It’s awesome that it comes with an app for my mobile which reminds me when I am at work. I purchased another one for my colleague’s gift.

I have increased my daily water intake and already feel the good effect. It really works.

Bought it a few days ago and motivated to use it every day. Very impressed with the combination of cool frosty bottle and mobile application, which reminds me to drink water more often. Needed to replace fizzy drinks with something more healthy like tea and fruit juices and think this is perfect for me. I have increased my daily water intake and already feel the good effect. It really works.

A stunning water bottle

Wow, a stunning water bottle! I want big bottle because I like to drink a lot of water while sitting in my office. This water bottle is solid, has unique frosted design and gives pleasure while holding, easy to clean, and the wide opening means I can add ice cube, or fruits if I want to put some lemon or lime in my water. It also have a smart app which tells me when to drink water.

Great water bottle!

This water bottle is so perfect! Its even better than I thought. Also the mobile app is very handy which reminds me when to drink in order to stay hydrated. The bottle is thin but holds a lot, it’s super lightweight and durable. It locks closed but with a push of a button, it pops open and has a spout that’s not too big and not too small. The lid locking mechanism feels very sturdy and extremely satisfying to open.

Loving my new bottle!

Really pleased with this bundle. The quality is great and I finally found a bottle that doesn’t leak! The fruit infused was a bonus and combined with the app this has definitely helped me to drink more each day. Would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a bottle that suits everyday life from work to the gym.

Very smart combination of bottle and mobile application!

Very smart combination of bottle and mobile application for everybody who wants to drink tea whole day instead of water! I will use it with my detox diets! Perfect Christmas gift for everyone in my yoga class, can’t wait to surprise them 🙂

Great bottle

Really pleased with this purchase! Great bottle which doesn’t leak in my bag no matter how I chuck it. The app that comes along with it is great, now I drink more water than ever. I’m trying to lose some weight and this is perfect for my diet.

Great purchase. Recommended for office workers.

Great purchase. When you work in an office and have plenty of work to do, you forget to drink water. With AquaBro and its application, this has changed. Now someone reminds me to drink water. Thanks, guys. Recommended!


No, this is not a smart bottle. Our hydration mobile app just reminds you when to drink water.

Our mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

Yes, all the Aquabro materials used are carefully selected and are BPA Free, Non Toxic and Eco Friendly. The main material is Tritan plastic.

The eBook will be emailed immediately after purchase from Amazon.

Dishwasher is not recommended.

No. We suggest only to use with warm water. Boiled water is highly not recommended

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